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Creative Marketing and Design Director with 15 years of experience in supporting and managing growth and brand. Proficient in Adobe CC Suite, UX design, brand strategy and management, iterative design processes, paid and organic marketing, analytics, and creative stakeholder presentation development and refinement. In current role, I've been responsible for creating and curating a portfolio of brand images and assets to evolve and position the company as an industry leader. I spearheaded and executed a complete site redesign - all asset design and creation, front-end UX and back-end SEO. The result: site traffic acquisition growth of 7,671% (report) and conversion growth of 93% (report

Having co-founded & founded two businesses, strategized, conceptualized, and executed multiple branding projects, and supported the growth of established companies and start-ups alike, I bring a unique perspective and skill set to the team, including:

  • Creative problem solving

  • Self-starting persistence and curiosity 

  • Openness to change and feedback

  • Tracking and modifying strategy and implementation based on analytics and user feedback

  • The ability to work remotely with efficiency and efficacy

  • A deep understanding of how a clear, consistent, and meaningful brand, mission, and company culture build success

I am a consummate team player. I'm open to upper-level and senior designer roles with companies that strive to make the world a little better and a bit brighter. I love being part of a dynamic team and will always work diligently to contribute to its success. I'm driven by curiosity and the desire to grow. 


​My combination of soft and hard skills, positive, growth-minded outlook, and ease of working with others will be a boon to any strong team.

At the heart of it, I just love bringing creative ideas to life!




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